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Used cases


Since there are currently no compost bins or a national composting facility in the Maldives, we will be collecting your used and loved cases so that we can compost it for you. We intend to start a composting facility in the Maldives once we have collected enough. To return your used case simply send us an email to and we will arrange it for you. In addition to helping the planet, you will also be getting store credits by doing so!


UK & Everywhere Else 

If your country offers compost bins or composting facilities, be sure to dispose off your Redhan case appropriately. If it is not an option, you can get in touch with us at to send us your case for composting or up-cycling. We offer store store credits for cases that are sent back to us!


Home Composting

Our Bio-case material is EN 13432 certified, which means that it can be home composted! The time frame of biodegradation for home composting will be longer than industrial composting, but nevertheless the easiest way to dispose of your used Redhan case is to put it in your backyard compost bin if you have one! Read more about our material here.

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