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Redhan Case Care

Just like other bright cases, our light cases can pick up dirt and stains. They can stay clean with a bit of love and care:-

  • Mild stains and dirt should come off with some warm water and dishwashing soap and a sponge / towel.
  • For more troublesome build up of dirt or grime, we suggest soaking the case in half white vinegar and half water for about 15 mins and then washing it with warm soapy (dishwashing) water. Alternatively, isopropyl alcohol is also very effective.

Our dark case  stays the cleanest (as small dirt stains don't show up on this). 

Getting a light case:

Our light cases tend to pick up (at least show) dirt and grime more easily and if this is something that you want to avoid, we'd suggest going for a dark case.

Otherwise we would suggest taking care when putting the phone in your bag (away from things that may stain the case like pens, pencils, food etc). Stains from denim pockets are the hardest to remove completely, so avoid denim pockets with our lighter cases.

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