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Our Story & Mission

Our story starts on the beach of a Maldivian island, which we were visiting last year. To our horror, it wasn’t at all what we remembered it to be from some years back. The pristine untouched beaches were replaced by tell tale signs that the island was “developing”. The beaches were littered with plastic bags and bottles. I am sure this is something that is relatable to many of us as it isn’t happening on just this one island.

The punchline was when we saw a little boy throwing his used water bottle into the trees. We asked him: “Did you know that all this rubbish you see here is coming from people doing what you just did?”

Looking very surprised he said “No, that stuff comes floating here from India and Sri Lanka”. And the scary thing was that it was clear that he believed it.

If this is our mindset, who is to say that our beaches, reefs and the wildlife it contains will endure for another 20 years.
Never before in history have we lived in a global civilisation that was capable of changing the climate of the planet we live on.

We began thinking about how we, as researchers can contribute. It started with the little things like "R" words that we are all so used to hearing.

We embarked on a mission to introduce products that are good for the planet as a way to battle the environmental crisis.

Our brand name, 'Redhan' is the Maldivian word for Bioluminescence, which is a phenomenon that can be seen in many coastal regions around the world. Redhan was born with the vision to preserve this beautiful natural phenomenon for generations to come.



Our overriding mission is to combat the environmental crisis through products that are good for the people and the planet. We aim to do our part against plastic pollution by introducing sustainable alternatives to mobile phone accessories.

Together we can give our planet a fighting chance!

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