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Made from Plants

Phone cases & AirPod Cases

A unique blend of bio-plastics and actual plant fibres for impressive toughness. 

Our cases are made from a unique blend of plant fibre reinforced bio-composite.

It uses eco colour derivative, biopolymers and wheat straw, a byproduct of the agriculture industry - you can see the tiny specks of plant mass in the case giving each case a truly unique look. The added biomass doesn’t just improve toughness against drops, but it also accelerates the biodegradation process.

The material breaks down completely to harmless compounds through natural processes in 6 to 36 months when disposed, similar to organic waste.


Phone Loop & Card Holder 

Redhan Loop and Redhan card holder is made from cork leather / cork fabric, which is obtained from the bark of cork oak trees. 

In addition to being completely vegan, cork leather does not require much processing which means the ecological footprint of it is extremely low compared to the production of most materials.

Also, the extraction of cork from the tree itself is a surprisingly eco-friendly process. When the tree is 25 years old the cork oak bark can be harvested every 9 years for 200 years and the harvested cork trees absorb three times more CO2 than the unharvested trees!


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