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Redhan Loop

No more drops!

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Say NO to drops

Get a better grip on your phone.

Free up your hand

Carry more. Not just your phone.

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Selfies are a breeze

Get that perfect angle. It's just so much easier.

Reach those corners

Is your phone getting bigger?  That's okay. Now you can reach them one-handed.

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Almost no bulk

Soft, flexible & extremely light.  Plus you can easily slide it in to your pockets!

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Made from plants

Made from cork leather. 100% of Redhan Loop comes from plants & is renewably sourced.

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Most eco-friendly material

Cork leather is 100% biodegradable & its extraction prolongs the life of cork trees. 

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Vegan friendly & Cruelty free

Unlike traditional leather, this product causes no unnecessary harm.

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Plants a tree

Every purchase plants a tree for carbon compensation.

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