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We believe in giving back! There are countless organisations currently working tirelessly to preserve and maintain our delicate environment. In the spirit of giving back, for each purchase we give at least  5% of the sale to a selected charitable organisation fighting the climate crisis.Redhan eco friendly phone case supports these charitiesCurrently we donate to the following organisations:

    • Palm Leaf, Tritton Shell, Sunset & Stone Art Phone Cases - 5% of the sales of these case will be donated to BeLeaf Maldives.
    • Shark Frenzy Case & Whale Phone Case - for these cases we donate 5% to Maldives Whale Shark Research Project. MWSRP is a research-based conservation charity dedicated to studying & conserving whale sharks in the Indian Ocean.
    • Turtle Phone Case - Turtle case will support turtle conservation and rehabilitation by giving 5% of the sales to Olive Ridley Project.
    • Manta Ray Phone Case - 5% of every purchase will go towards Manta Ray conservation and research via Manta Trust.
    • Seagrass Phone Case - we plant 3 trees via onetreeplanted for each of this case to support reforestation and to help fight climate change.
    • AirPod Cases 5% of sales of these case will be donated to BeLeaf Maldives.
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