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How did Redhan originate?

While we've always wanted to contribute positively to the environmental crisis, we got the idea for Redhan, while we were visiting a Maldivian island. The idea then slowly evolved from there, taking shape into what it is today. You can read our full story here

What does Redhan means?

Redhan is the Maldivian word used to describe bioluminescence by phytoplankton that can be seen in many coastal regions around the world. We chose this name to represent our beautiful nature that needs to be preserved for future generations. 

Where is the company based?

Redhan has roots in both the Maldives and the UK. Redhan is a trademark of White Cowrie Private Limited in the Maldives and Redhan Limited is a company that is also registered in the UK.

 Who founded Redhan?

 We are two researchers from the Maldives with our background in Engineering and Chemistry and a deep passion for our oceans and the nature.


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