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What are the cases made from?

The raw material is a blend of biopolymers and actual plant fibres. The added biomass doesn’t just improve toughness against drops but it also helps it biodegrade faster. The material uses eco colour derivative, biopolymer and wheat straw - you can see the tiny specks of plant mass in the case giving each case a truly unique look. 

Did you invent the material used in your cases?

The case material is a unique blend of wheat fibre reinforced bio-composites. There have been significant research done on plant fibre enhanced composites, testing commonly abundant  fibres such as wheat, bamboo, jute and flax. Here is a review of the material properties of such composites from 1999. A lot of work has been done since especially in the field of compostable & biodegradable composites of such nature. Here is a scientific article that discusses the development of a biodegradable composite using wheat fibres and coconut husk. Our case material is based on the extensive research by scientific community on this.

What are the small specks on the case?

The small specks you see on the cases are plant fibres (wheat fibres) that add toughness and accelerate the compostability of the material. These little specks give the cases a truly unique look.

How do the cases feel?

Our cases can be best described as the perfect intermediate between soft and hard. It is not too soft that it feels rubbery and slips off of your phone and not too hard that it cannot resist drop impacts.

How long does Redhan Case take to biodegrade?

The cases biodegrade within 6 months to 36 months when disposed.


Why do you not have a phone case for my phone?

We unfortunately started with only limited number of phone models and are always working to diversify our range. We gauge the interest of our community before working on new models to minimise waste - so do let us know if there is a model you would very much like to see. Also, we announce new model arrivals on our socials, so make sure to stay tuned.

 How are the cases packaged?

All our products come in minimal eco-friendly packaging. The method of packaging depends on how the cases are delivered. For cases that are hand delivered by our delivery team (in Maldives), the cases come in our custom case packaging made from Kraft paper.

For the cases that are posted, we opt for Kraft paper envelopes  to minimise the associated waste.

Does Redhan Case have a warranty?

We have a 90 days return or exchange policy - no questions asked! If you decide to keep the product after this duration and notice any material or workmanship defects, we have a 1 year warranty. Please send us a message to have it replaced at no extra charge. - we cover the shipping too! :)



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