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What are the airpod cases made from?

Our airpod cases are made from the same material as our phone cases. The raw material is a blend of bio-plastics and actual plant fibres. The added biomass doesn’t just improve toughness against drops but it also helps it biodegrade faster. The material uses eco colour derivative, bioplastics and wheat straw.

You can read more about this on the Bio-Case section of our FAQ.

 How do I install the airpod case?

To install the Redhan airpod case, you need to simply slide it on to the airpod. It fits snug and protects the airpods from drops and scratches. 

How are the airpods cases packaged?

All our products come in minimal eco-friendly packaging. The method of packaging depends on how the cases are delivered. For cases that are hand delivered by our delivery team (in Maldives), the cases come in our custom case packaging made from Kraft paper.

For the cases that are posted, we opt for Kraft paper envelopes  to minimise the associated waste.

 Does Redhan airpod case have a warranty?

We have a 90 days return or exchange policy - no questions asked! If you decide to keep the product after this duration and notice any material or workmanship defects, we have a 1 year warranty. Please send us a message to have it replaced at no extra charge. - we cover the shipping too! :)

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