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What is Redhan Loop made from?

Redhan Loop is made from cork leather / cork fabric, which is obtained from the bark of cork oak trees. Our cork leather backing includes cotton as well as cardboard - yes, 100% of Redhan Loop comes from plants!

Why do you say that cork leather is sustainable?

In addition to being completely vegan and biodegradable, cork leather does not require much processing which means the ecological footprint of it is extremely low compared to the production of most materials.

Also, the extraction of cork from the tree itself is a surprisingly eco-friendly process. When the tree is 25 years old the cork oak bark can be harvested every 9 years for 200 years and the harvested cork trees absorb three times more CO2 than the unharvested trees!

Synthetic leather is vegan - why would I go for cork leather?

 It's true that synthetic leather doesn't come from animals (is cruelty free), but it is fossil fuel based and takes at least 500 years to start breaking down. This is in contrast to cork leather which is 100% natural! (read the question above to see why cork leather is sustainable).

What Loop size is best for me?

Loop mini is the perfect size for use with one finger and Loop regular is suitable for use with two fingers. If you are unsure which one would be best for you, send us a quick message - we would love to help you out. 

How do I apply the Loop?

Before applying the loop, wipe the surface of your phone case. After deciding where you want the Loop to go, simply peel and press it onto the phone case. Do make sure you press it in for at least 2 minutes. The glue reaches its maximum adhesiveness in 24 hours, so do be gentle with it until then.


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