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Redhan: There is no alternative

“It might not be anyone’s fault but it is everyone's responsibility”


Redhan is born out of necessity. 

We are a country at the front lines of the battle against climate change - rising sea levels, adverse weather patterns, loss of biodiversity (remember “dhondhooni" / dragon flies) you name it.. We are situated perfectly to have front row seats to all of this.

It is about time we stopped hoping someone will fix things. We can no longer afford to sit idly by.  So we asked ourselves, WHAT IF ?? WHAT If!

We were left wondering what two researchers can do about all this. First, let me tell you a bit about us. 

I am a little embarrassed to say that about 2 years ago, we too were as much a part of the problem as anyone else.

Growing up we too felt that the world we live in is too huge to be affected by any one person's actions.

But hey, when 7.5 billion people start thinking this, it then becomes a major crisis! 

Our story starts on the beach of the island where I was born - We were visiting it last year after 5 years. To my horror, it wasn’t at all what I remembered it to be. The pristine untouched beaches were replaced by tell tale signs that the island was “developing”. The beaches were littered with plastic bags and bottles. I am sure this is something that is relatable to many of us as it isn’t happening on just this one island.

The punchline was when we saw a little boy throwing his used “life” water bottle into the "magoo" trees. We asked him:

“Did you know that all this rubbish that you see here is coming from people doing what you just did?”

 Looking very surprised he said “No, that stuff comes floating here from India and Sri Lanka”. And the scary thing was that it was clear that he believed it.

If this is our mindset, who is to say that our beaches, reefs and the wildlife it contains will endure for another 20 years.

Never before in history have we lived in a global civilisation that was capable of changing the climate of the planet we live on. 

We began thinking about how we can contribute. It started with the little things like "R" words that we are all so used to hearing.

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, it helps... but we need better products that tackle the root cause.

Do you remember when you first learnt about the coral polyps and algae? Two vastly different lifeforms that coexist in perfect harmony in a nourishing, symbiotic relationship. At the moment most of human consumption is mindlessly driven only by profits and how much it adds to our comfort and ease of living.

Our relationship with the ecosystem is not a symbiotic one. We are only focused on exploiting it for our momentary wants and desires.

One important thing we often fail to see is that we need the ecosystem and the planet to be healthy for us to continue to survive. If any of the delicate balances of our world is upset beyond the tipping point, the consequences could be dire.  It is true that there is currently no planet B!

Imagine a world where every human life has a net positive effect on the planet. Where we not only take from the environment and the creatures that live in it, but we also give back. A world where purchasing choice depends also on the impact on the planet!

We embarked on a mission to introduce products that are good for the planet as a way to battle the environmental crisis. 

 We are proud to launch the first product, “Redhan Bio-Case” a zero-waste, climate positive phone case that balances performance and style. 

Our first phone cases feature artwork done by us to embody our mission. 

Together we can be the change! 

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